Ed Bell

Ed Bell

Ed has spent forty years in the Oil/ Gas industry, holding senior positions with Saudi Aramco and a foremost Alberta/Canadian consulting group (R.M.Hardy & Assoc.). Ed was trained in the UK by British Petroleum (BP) and subsequently worked all over the world (i.e. Japan, Holland, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, and the Middle East). His specialisations were in gas/oil facilities inspection, operations, safety/disaster planning, pollution control, construction inspection and project management.

Ed also has many years’ experience in growing start up businesses since the late 1980’s. These include project software, oil pollution /disaster planning, new r/d technology in bio-sensors for diagnostic systems for soil contamination and security applications. This last venture with a grant from UK Govt. under the EU’s Eureka Program led to the formation of Crown Bio Technology Ltd. for developing biotechnological products for low cost, diagnostic testing/screening of contaminated soil. In 2009, the company’s product, Safe Soil Tester received certification under the EU’s ETV Programme (Environmental Technology Verification) covering 26 European Countries. In June 2011 the Safe Soil Tester was nominated as one of the top ten Innovative Environmental Products to come out of the EU’s Eureka programme in last ten years. In 2013, Ed received an award acknowledging this in Jerusalem, Israel.

Soil Tester     Qanari

Moving back to Canada in 2014 he formed Qanari Inc., a new Canadian r/d company and is in the process of starting a 2017 collaboration project for miniaturising the original bio-sensor system with a prestigious Montreal University.