Bill Dawson

Bill Dawson

Bill Dawson is SDA's eldest member. He was born to be audacious & fearless. His wonder-filled life gives testimony to his profound creativity which always led to many of his projects being too far ahead of the collective timeline to be immediately profitable.

His easily deployable, hurricane & earthquake resistant, DESCON building System was never needed more, given our ever increasing, climate-changed, extreme weather & seismic events. This was a landmark in providing low cost, sustainable, environmentally friendly housing to humanity The CCIS, Canadian Construction Information Services network was also just ahead in time, as the Internet had not yet emerged into the offices of Architects, Engineers, & Contractors.

Bill is now focusing his innovative spirit to bring to the most handicapped amongst us, the capacity to communicate via advanced computer & tactile systems. We invite you to follow the links below to get acquainted with his past & present projects.

CTV News Ottawa recently featured Bill in their Amazing People series:

Bruyère volunteer work: