SDA's Peter Kettenbeil Supports "GRAMiE" Awards


SDA Director, Peter Kettenbeil, was pleased to be a member of Groupe de Recherche Appliquée en Macroécologie (GRAME)'s annual award jury. The finalists and award winners are listed here.


SDA Supports Fall 2016 Mcgill Events


We were happy to be able to support two Fall McGill events. Jim Banks was invited to deliver a lecture on Sustainability in Aerospace to the McGill Institute for Aerospace Engineering. The lecture explored aviation’s present and future context and stressed the extensive student opportunities for influence and leadership in industry sustainability.


Jim was also honoured to be the industry representative on the Evaluation Committee for TISED's inaugural SEDTalks. Graduate engineering students from McGill presented their sustainability-related work in “TED” style presentations.


SDA @ CN Centre for Studies in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

CN Centre for Studies in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

SDA President, Jim Banks, was guest speaker at the The CN Centre for Studies in Sustainable Supply Chain Management at Concordia's John Molson School of Business. Jim presented an overview of sustainable mobility and the challenges that corporations and individuals face in integrating sustainability considerations into their behaviours.


SDA Supports la Forum Nature Montreal

Forum Nature Montreal

SDA Director, Peter Kettenbeil, was proud to have particpated in the Forum Nature Montreal which was attended by 101 participants, representing 40 organizations. The Forum produced a Charter for The Protection of Montreal's Green Spaces and Natural Environments which the SDA was happy to endorse.

The Charter calls for halting urban sprawl and protecting all of Montreal’s biodiversity, also recognizing that access to green spaces at proximity is a fundamental right for all citizens of the Montreal Island.


SDA at the Business Beyond Tomorrow Conference

Business Beyond Tomorrow 2016 Montreal

SDA President, Jim Banks was happy to have participated in the Business Beyond Tomorrow conference held in Montreal on March 19, 2016 and to have shared the stage with Stephanie Hamilton, VP Sustainable Business, EEM inc. At the conference, Jim and Stephanie led a workshop exploring the trends that are driving companies toward corporate social responsibility and the paths they are taking to get there.

In the workshop, Jim noted that there is wide a gap between CSR words and deeds with many companies facing serious challenges to meet the expectations that they themselves are setting in their sustainability reports. Jim and Stephanie ended the workshop with a plea to the business students in attendance to be prepared to take initiative and lead at every opportunity to help their employers in their struggle to live up to their commitments.

The conference and workshop was well attended by the business student bodies of McGill and Concordia Universities with good representation by members of the local business community as well.


SDA @ the Future Earth Forum

SAT Montreal
Société des arts technologiques (SAT), Montréal, Canada.

The SDA was proud to have participated in the Future Earth Forum held in Montreal on April 20, 2015. Both Jim Banks and Peter Kettenbeil were on hand to support efforts to shape the development of Future Earth in the region. The event was held at Montreal's impressive Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) who were also the principal organizers. One of the highlights was a very impressive 360° Dynamic Planet Visualization in collaboration with Félix Pharand-Deschênes (Globaïa), Owen Gaffney (Head of Future Earth Communications), and David McConville (BFI). The dire state of our living planet and its lonely context in the universe has never before been presented so beautifully.

Future Earth Forum
Peter Kettenbeil, Paul Shrivastava (Future Earth Executive Director) & Jim Banks

The first Future Earth Forum in Montreal was intended to present Future Earth to local partners and facilitate the integration of Future Earth into Quebec's sustainability community. The event was well attended by a large number of researchers from across the natural and social sciences, representatives of Future Earth, and partner organisations.